October 7, 2009

Autumn is Here

Next door neighbor

In front of my house

On the way to my house

Same street, about a mile from home

Next to the Swanton post office

Fall is definitely here! Guess the autumn fairies finally decided to visit us after a long hot summer.
Vermont is one of the most popular tourist attractions during fall foliage season. Visitors come to watch the colors change! The scenery is absolutely breath-taking! Most of the times, all you want to do is take a long drive for no reason just to enjoy the scenery.
This year's peak foliage season is between October 3 to October 10. Check out the foliage forecast and the best scenic foliage drives at http://www.1-800-vermont.com/
This is the first autumn for us since we moved here in May. So far, I love it..........