January 6, 2010

First Winter in Vermont

My neighbors

In front of my bedroom window

A view from my hubby's office

Postcard perfect

Postcard perfect 2

What can I say about my first winter in Vermont? Cold...er compared to Rhode Island, the roads are not properly plowed and the wind is making it worst. Most of the time I refused to drive and have my hubby to bring me to work! I hate driving in winter! Fortunately I have a better half who is crazy about snow and cold. He doesn't mind drving me around, in fact he loves to be out in the snow!

Winter is great as my baby is taking care of everything. Yes, I'm spoiled! That is why I have a new nick-name at my workplace : SPOILED ROTTEN :)


  1. I love snow! We've been getting our fair share here too, and I'm in seventh heaven :-)

    Your pictures are great, it's like winter wonderland out there!

  2. You don't drive, do you? Winter is great when you don't have to drive or shovel :)

  3. Dear, your pictures are great. I like snow as well( 物以稀为贵!!hihi!!).. long long time i didn't play snow ball,should make a trip to enjoy snow season 1 day.(如果再老再老,不知受得了吗??!!!). Take good care my dear... !!